Posted on: August 13, 2013

I am a prolific writer and the publication and blogs sections have full details of information about what I write and for whom. The what’s new section shows more recent work. The following links should be helpful:


I have written three books which are described in detail in the books section of publications. The original version of Dynamic practice development – Selling skills and techniques for the professions  was published by Hawksmere as a research document back in 2000 being one of the first works tackling the then new topic of how lawyers, accountants and surveyors sold professionally. I subsequently revised it for publication as hard and soft back versions in 2003.

I was asked by EG Books to co-author the book Media relations in property  with Graham Norwood, a leading residential property journalist (I was writing from the commercial property journalism perspective) and the book was published in 2006.

Spurred on by the response to these books I set about my most ambitious work – tackling a range of management issues (business planning, leadership, strategic marketing, tactical promotion, client relationship management, human resources and change management) which resulted in another EG Books publication Growing your property partnership – Plans, promotion and people  being published in 2009. I think I’m done on the business books front now.


Having been a press card carrying member of a journalist association since I was in charge of the press office for a major US technology company in 1986 I have written articles for marketing, legal, property and other magazines. The articles section has a list of all the articles I have written since the early 1990s. Email me if you would like any copies.


There is a separate section on my blogs. As well as setting up the blogs for numerous legal and accountancy clients (and ghost writing a fair few of their entries) I started writing a blog on Kids in London as KimT back in 2007 and a few months later in the same year on grown up things to do in London – both for All in London. My own blog on management and marketing topics in the professions started on this site back in June 2008 and I continue to write it regularly.


I review London pubs, restaurants and theatrical productions for a leading London portal. Further details are in the blogs section.

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